The Genesis of Beni Kesh

In the name of celebration we embarked on the trip of a lifetime for my 30th and Mums 50th birthdays in September 2017. We scaled unpaved desert roads, weaving our way through villages and medina’s nestled amidst the Moroccan dreamscape. Alleyways draped in vibrant hues of rugs that took on a life of their own. Being my first time to Morocco and exploring far beyond the realms of habitual comforts, this adventure into the unknown became a prelude to the unfolding of my personal legend. It was inevitable during this two week boutique tour that my passion for interiors and love of travel would collide and birth the concept of Beni Kesh.



The marriage of Beni Kesh arose from; ‘Beni’ my absolute favourite and must have 1950’s signature ‘Beni Ourain’ rug, influenced by internationally renown Architect and Interior designer Frank Lloyd Wright and the abbreviated ‘Kesh’ to Marrakesh. Initially I believed the process would be more burdensome than naming a child, yet when Beni Kesh emerged it was an instant connection. As the Moroccan’s say ‘inshallah’ - “If god wills it”.



So began the process of sourcing a collection that was an extension of myself and carried the personality of my experiences. As a designer and Stylist I find myself inspired by originality, the simplicity of mid century modern Palm Springs architecture, traditional North African textiles, splashes of colour and a cosmopolitan ambience. My mission is to share quality and ethical pieces that encompass the narrative of my travels and preserve the authentic essence of each item.

At the foundations of the collection are beautiful ancient traditions, stories told by the magic of their creator that live within the detail of the unique and consciously curated pieces. These matriarchal Artisans are the guardians of traditional techniques and I am honoured that they have shared these pieces with me. If I have learned one thing from my travels it’s that I am drawn to the sentimental, to honouring timeless and invaluable creations that inherently belong in the heart of a home.

You never truly own a Beni Kesh piece; you are but a guardian for the next generation.