Beni Kesh

1. A celebration of travel inspired Artisanal homewares, curated with a luxe bohemian aesthetic
2. A destination for exploring new trends and searching for authentic cultural beauty

After a trip of a lifetime to Morocco, creating unforgettable memories and making new cherished friendships, it was inevitable that the magic of Morocco would draw Interior Designer Chàntelle back to it’s ancient beauty.

Sourcing the charmingly rare and old, as well as the delightfully modern interpretations of traditional techniques. Beni Kesh is the ultimate collection of travel inspired Artisan homewares, that are carefully curated one of a kind pieces.

Behind every Beni Kesh piece is an Artisan and their story. A vision created by showcasing ancestral skills. Every unique piece is handmade with pure love and wisdom, passed down from influential ancestors so their family members can share their own vision and beautiful stories by creating art.

This is the essence and the true meaning of Beni Kesh, and we hope to share the pure beauty and history of Morocco and their Artisan’s creations along the way.


"As a designer and Stylist I find myself inspired by originality, the simplicity of mid century modern Palm Springs architecture, traditional North African textiles, splashes of colour and a cosmopolitan ambience. My mission is to share quality and ethical pieces that encompass the narrative of my travels and preserve the authentic essence of each item.

At the foundations of the collection are beautiful ancient traditions, stories told by the magic of their creator that live within the detail of the unique and consciously curated pieces. These matriarchal Artisans are the guardians of traditional techniques and I am honoured that they have shared these pieces with me."

~ Chàntelle Traficante, Founder & Interior Designer