Beni Kesh

Beni Ourain - Alae 167 x 107cm


Alae is a new made Beni Ourain, woven in the Mid Atlas Mountains, Morocco. 
This particular size is the perfect addition to any small space, office and nursery.

Features: Tassels at both ends and diamond pattern
Colours: Natural wool, black and Deep Blue
Measures: 167cm x 107cm
Pile Length: Medium
Material: 100% Wool

All of our Beni Kesh rugs are unique, one of a kind handwoven pieces directly from Morocco.

Vintage textiles may show signs of age and some wear. These may include repaired tears, un-repaired tears, small holes, fading, fraying and small stains, etc. These details are a part of each textiles unique history and adds to its unique character, incredible beauty and value.

When photographing, we do not enhance our photos in any way and try to portray them in the most accurate lighting possible.

The age, rarity, size and condition dictate price range.

Sku: BJ06OCT20

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