When will my item be shipped?
Items are generally shipped within 5 working days. Please refer to our Shipping + Returns for further information regarding all of our shipping T&C's.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes! We do ship world wide. Please refer to our Shipping + Returns page.

Do you accept returns?
Please refer to our Shipping + Returns T&C's

Where are the Rugs sourced from?
Beni Kesh hand select from all over Morocco. We only source the absolute highest quality of Moroccan Carpets, whilst also ensuring we select each piece as close to the original source as possible. 

What about Ethical Sourcing?
All of the beautiful products we find along our travels are sourced with fair prices and reasonable terms and conditions are practiced. This is an important element when choosing each piece for our collections.  Beni Kesh supports the artisan's and their associates directly, as we believe in fair trade and the promotion of ancestral skills and traditional techniques.

How do i clean my Rug?
It is very important to rotate your rug every year to ensure an even wear process. Vacuuming & shaking out your rug regularly keeps professional maintenance low and slows down the ageing process.
Rugs can shed a bit of fluff, this is normal and is not a sign that your rug is falling apart. It is best to vacuum/shake your rug often at first and after some time the shedding will lessen and eventually stop.
We recommend our rugs, cushions and blankets to be cleaned by a professional. As the natural dyes will easily run if not attended to correctly.
Like most things, our pieces require regular maintenance in order to last as long as possible. This includes regular vacuuming, rotation and periodic professional cleaning. They are made from premium, natural materials (not synthetic) they will easily outlast similar synthetic products.

How do you price the rugs?
There are so many fake & massed produced Moroccan products on the market and comparatively our prices do fall on the more expensive side. All of our pieces are genuine, one of a kind and made by Artisans with generations of skills. We personally travel to Morocco, through the mountains souring only the best quality. You can buy a cheaper knock-off Beni Ourain style rug for example, however the chances are you will need to replace it in a couple of years. A genuine piece like the pieces we source, will become a family heirloom for years to come.

Product Care & Information about my recent purchase
Upon purchase, we recommend viewing our Product Information and Care Tips outlining our best tips and tricks for ensuring that your rug, cushions, blankets and leather goods have a long and happy life.

Why are the rugs the length & width that they are?
Moroccan carpets are made by traditional techniques, and are usually made for the artisan's home or Moroccan architecture. A loom is where the weaver feels truly free to express their artistic values and beliefs. Therefore not one Moroccan carpet is the same.

Do you repair and wash rugs?
All rugs are washed and repaired prior to shipment. Vintage rugs may show signs of age and wear, and we focus on all major repairs (this includes tearing and holes). Vintage rugs may also show signs of age and wear such as, repaired tears, un repaired tears, holes, fraying, fading, stains, and spots, etc. Fading colours, stains, spots and missing tassels are common, and will not be repaired before shipment. These details are a part of each textiles unique history and adds to its beauty, character and value. 

Do you sell Wholesale?
Thanks for your interest! Please visit our Wholesale + Trade page, and tell us a little bit about your shop, abn and website.

I'm a designer, stylist or architect, do you provide a trade discount?
We are happy to offer Interior Designer's and Architect's an exclusive trade discount. Please visit our Wholesale + Trade page, and we will get back to you.

Terms + Conditions
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