Moroccan Wedding Blanket - Habbouba


Habbouba is a stunning vintage handmade Moroccan Wedding Blanket, also known as a Handira. Traditionally woven by the Berber women in the Mid Atlas Mountains Morocco, Handira's are preciously made for a 'bride to be' by her female relatives to ward off evil spirits, bestow fertility and good luck to the newlywed couple.  

This particular size is the perfect amount of Bohemian Luxe added to style your living room, draped over the end of a bed or also seen as a decorative wall hanging.

Front Features: Cream & Ivory flat weave blanket with rows of long shaggy piles, sequins and touches of red cotton stitching.
Back Features: Flat weave with Berber patterns in Red, Black, Blue.
Measures: 200cm x 113cm
Material: Wool, Cotton, Linen
Note: Spot Clean only

All of our Beni Kesh Moroccan Wedding Blankets are unique, one of a kind handwoven pieces directly from Morocco.

Vintage textiles may show signs of age and some wear. These may include repaired tears, un-repaired tears, small holes, fading, fraying and small stains, etc. These details are a part of each textiles unique history and adds to its unique character, incredible beauty and value.

Sku: MW01FEB18

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