Cactus Silk Cushion


Stunning Cactus Silk Cushion, also known as Sabra Silk.
This piece is so on trend right now, made from natural products and colours are produced using natural vegetable dyes. Remastered from handwoven Sabra Rugs, no two Cactus Silk Cushions are the same. 
Beautifully worn and soft, they are the perfect addition for your lounge, occasional chair or bedroom.

*shipped unfilled. You can purchase one of our inserts here

Approximate Measures: 45 cm x 45 cm
Material: Spun from the Aloe Vera Plant
Note: Back of the cushion is plain with no embroidery. Each cushion is hand made and sizes may vary slightly. 

All of our Beni Kesh Cactus Silk Cushions are unique, one of a kind handwoven pieces made from carefully selected handwoven Sabra Rugs of high quality directly from Morocco.

CARE: Dry clean only. We do recommend using a canvas protector spray as liquid will discolour these pieces due to their natural hand dying techniques.
Please also take care when filling and un-filling your cushions.

As this is a handmade Artisanal item, slight variations may occur. These may include fading, colour variations, imperfect lines etc. These details are a part of each textiles unique history and adds to its special character, incredible beauty and value.

When photographing, we do not enhance our photos in any way and try to portray them in the most accurate lighting possible.


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