The Genesis of Beni Kesh

Written By Chantelle Traficante - January 04 2019


February 10 2019

So beautifully written my friend. Felt like I was there – hopefully next time I will be!! 🙊 Keep the entries coming! Absolutely love it xx

Tammy Damiano
January 06 2019

Your are so incredibly talented. Loved this read. You have without a doubt enlightened many of Morocco’s beauty x

Teresa Rouis
January 06 2019

Such a beautifully written piece of your amazing experiences. Your passion and love for your work and this amazing country is so evident & contagious . Congratulations and wishing you success in all you do xxxxx

Jules Fean
January 06 2019

To see someone choose and create their own reality is so beautiful to watch.
Your passion shines through all you do.
Keep believing in yourself and being you.
There’s no such thing as fear xx

Rochelle Halatau
January 06 2019

A beautiful start to something truly amazing, my heart feels full of love watching you Persue your dreams and creating your vision.
I’m so proud of you my darling and cant wait to watch your journey unfold!

Kate Allison
January 05 2019

How amazing to have found something you are so passionate about and be able call it your “job”.
Your words and passion are inspiring. Just keep doing you babe x

January 05 2019

Beni Kesh – what a remarkable origin you have and such an inspiring mission.
This truly encapsulates the history, respect and soul feeding journey hidden in each piece. Thanks for sharing!! 🙏🏾

January 04 2019

Goosebumps. You can tell how in love you are with everything that Beni Kesh represents. I loved reading this ❤️

Toni Moore
January 04 2019

So beautifully written……

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